Ensuring everybody's basic needs for peace

Photo Ensuring everybody's basic needs for peace

Peace has to come from each individual. The effort, the good deeds and the positive behavior of each individual contribute to the access to a better life. In addition, the quest for peace involves sacrifice, in fact, quite many sacrifices. However, despite those efforts, it is vital to ensure the basic needs of each individual.

That is why Prem Rawat created the Prem Rawat Foundation TPRF, to accomplish humanitarian actions, which mainly involves helping people who suffer from malnutrition, epidemics, homelessness, or any other reasons which might prevent harmony on earth. It is essential to ensure the basic needs of everybody to establish peace. You can learn more about Prem Rawat on https://www.tprf.org/prem-rawat/

How to ensure the basic needs of everybody to establish peace?


Being the basic necessity in human life, eating can also enhance peace. Food short age may lead to insecurity, provided that some have enough, but the others do not. This inequality will, then, turn into a deep pit, which will incite people to violence. Therefore, to live in a mutually peaceful world, the first thing to do is to make sure that the share of nutrition of each population is equally divided.


The« Sans Domicile Fixe »or Homeless people, represents the most impoverished people in a society. Their lifestyle is fairly simple: they do not have any other need than eating. They make every possible effort to find enough to eat.

In general, they neither believe in peace nor in serene life. However, if they are given a place to live, their vision of life may change. Such action may provide them with a hope for peace. Hope is the unique weapon which may guarantee peace for the poor. It is also crucial that each family has their own home.

Fight against poverty

The fight against poverty is also a way toward a peaceful life. In fact, poverty may be a leading factor to insecurity, filthiness as well as the psychological troubles in the society. However, those problems are totally contradictory to the notion of peace.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the basic needs of the society through the fight against poverty. Many activities have been launched in many regions in the world to eradicate poverty. And it is primordial to ensure that those courses of actions are sustainable in order to get better results. In fact, a peaceful world is quite related to a world where there is no poverty, and where mutual help will have an important part in the society.

Respect for human rights

Human rights a real so among the basic necessities of each individual in a society. Therefore, it is important that those rights be respected so that peace can be established in the society. Each citizen should be free to live, live a life in which all their rights are respected. Pressure, even the slightest one, which arises, may harm peace.

As a result, in order to make sure that peace be restored, all human rights must be respected and it should be done with fairness.