5 countries which give an example of peace in the world

Countries and peace
Photo 5 countries which give an example of peace in the world

The world nowadays is led by a system which is given a high value to international relations. However, the relations are not always positive, provided that some disagreement can spark conflicts. The conflicts represent a major threat for the future of humanity history. As a result, the world should be directed towards a more peaceful life, where the use of force, violence and weapons is restricted. 

One of the messages of peace proclaimed by Prem Rawat supports that the use of force does not resolve anything, and that nowadays, it is always necessary to have a round-table discussion to discuss matters. On the other hand, other countries are hardly affected by conflicts and live peacefully.

Find out the 5 countries which give an example of peace in the world

1- Switzerland

According to the report issued by the Global Peace Index, only 10 countries live total serenity. This is the case of Switzerland. It is a country which has never been involved in any conflict. Moreover, Switzerland has always been known as a mediator or an arbitrator between opposing countries in order to establish peace.

This country is in possession of heavy armaments, but rarely has it used such dangerous weapons. Within this country, there has never been any civil strife including strikes or public demonstrations. Furthermore, its government has always favored agreements in order to maintain peace.

2- Mauritius Island

Equally stated in the report from the Global Peace Index, Mauritius Island also sets a very good example of the countries where peace reigns. This country has never initiated for participated in any conflict. For this country, setting positive international relations is always a priority.

This means that within the country, under no circumstances should any conflict come to surface. Mauritius gets its economy order to move through tourism. As a result, the island has always kept its endeavor to abstain from any possible depression of the tourism sector.

3- Botswana

If compared to other countries in the world, especially those of the African continent, Botswana sets a good model of a peaceful nation. During the summits on peace re-establishment, this country has always opted for the use of discussion and peace talk to resolve any conflict and restore peace and security among the African countries.

At the national level, its population maintains the rule of order so that-law and human rights are fully respected. That measure was also among the solutions proposed by Prem Rawat for peace.

4- Japan

Since the end of the World War II, Japan has not contributed to any other conflicts in the world, either directly or indirectly. It has become a country which gives priority to its population before anything else. The Great War caused a heavy loss of life for the nation. As a result, it refuses to let the same tragedy happen again. Japan endeavors to make peace reigns within the country.

5- Chile

It is one of the countries on the American continent. Chile is among the countries which maintain sustainable peace in the world. It is characterized by its will to dialogue for any matter concerning international relations. This country has never failed to show an example of what should be done to preserve peace.