10 Key dates in the History of peace

Key dates and peace
Photo 10 Key dates in the History of peace

There have been a lot of peace promotion initiatives in the history of humanity; however, conflicts and wars were also numerous. So far, many memories have marked the efforts for peacekeeping. Some of those memories are so painful, while others are rather pleasant.

Through his messages of peace, Prem Rawat talks about the courses of actions which have been taken to promote it. Prem Rawat contributed to various peace keeping and peace promotion efforts. Yet, those memories marked the most important, memorable dates in the history of humanity.

Here are 10 unforgettable dates in the history of peace

1- In 1901

One of the most cherished dates is when the Nobel peace prize was created. This prize is awarded to any individual or organization that carried out actions to enhance peace.

2- November 11,1918

This date marks the end of World War I. After four consecutive years of endless war for the European countries, it was only at then that ceasefire was announced. Therefore, it is an important date in the history of peace, because it was only then that the world became peaceful again. However, the peaceful time did not last long because soon after, the World War II broke out.

3- January10,1920

When the World War II was over, the League of Nations was set up to promote international and global peace agreements. It was on that day when the member countries had their first union, which was marked by the presence of the most participants. However, constraints put an end to the union ; but a better union was set up later.

4- September 2,1945

After the World War I, a second great war broke out in the world, and it lasted for 6 years. Therefore, it was only in 1945 that the great wars ended. That date was marked by serious material as well as human losses. It is worth noting that for humanity, wars are not the best measures to resolve conflicts.

5- October 24, 1945

After the dissolution of the League of Nations, the UNO came into existence. So far, it is the most effective organization in the world as far as peacekeeping is concerned.

6- March5, 1953

On that day, Nikita Khrouchtchev rose to power after Staline passed away in the USSR. Khrouchtchev condemned the crime that Staline had committed, and enhanced peaceful coexistence in 1953.

7- March 11, 1985

This commemorates the end of the cold war and the dissolution of Communism. The world is no longer divided into two blocs.

8- November9, 1989

The collapse of the Berlin wall symbolizes the reunification of the German population; but is also marked the end of the Cold War. It is one of the immediate impacts of the dissolution of the USSR.

9- April 27,1994

At that very moment, South Africa lived the best memories in its history, when peace was restored. Before that, contempt and discrimination among the whites and blacks had harmed the society. But it was only then that the Apartheid came to end, thanks to Nelson Mandela's peace initiatives.

10- September 25, 2018

This date was marked by the World Summit for peace. The summit was named after Nelson Mandela, whose objective was to promote global peace; therefore, his principles have been adopted.